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Garrow has found many old friends of the Obamas who have recollections that differ from the former President’s own — beginning with his childhood in Hawaii, where he was raised by white grandparents.

He had graduated and was working in a dull office job. The man who would controversially support legalising marijuana as President appeared to have conflicting views about harder drugs.

A ‘hysterical and angry’ Obama ‘babbled about identity and nudity and not wanting to experience rejection’, said Mr Heninger.

It was at Occidental that Obama befriended an openly gay professor, Lawrence Goldyn.

She was three years older and taught in a private school. He might still indulge but he was simultaneously pontificating to black friends about how they were reinforcing damaging racial stereotypes by taking them.

They slept together on their first date and the relationship was certainly passionate even if Cook, the daughter of a former ambassador, felt he wasn’t very imaginative in bed. Genevieve was aware that Obama never regarded her as more than a passing phase in his love life.

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When Alex returned to Occidental College, they wrote fiercely intellectual letters to each other.