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Don't spend more than: on two rounds of drinks, and for the doorman. Don't spend more than: for one night in a remote Airbnb.Goes great with: Coffee and bagels in bed the next morning. Goes great with: A crackling fire, a bottle of wine, and a playlist of these songs.

Why she'll like it: Bars around the country sponsor "yappy hours"—that's cheap drinks, dogs allowed.

You already have an awesome significant other, so show him or her that you care this year with one of these unique stony date ideas! Build a Bonfire and Stargaze Even if there's not a beach nearby, build a fire pit in your back yard. Put away your i Phones—you have the stars and each other to gaze at tonight.

And let's be real here, the stars will definitely end up taking a back seat to the sexy fire you've sparked. Wake and Bake and Breakfast in Bed There's nothing better than breakfast in bed. Start your sweetie's Valentine's Day off the right way with a packed bowl or rolled joint and whatever culinary masterpiece you decide to whip up (or order in). Just trust us—if you like silly adventures and have a competitive streak, this is the unexpected date your valentine will love. Head to an Aquarium If you've never gotten baked and gone to an aquarium, then you're missing out.

Don't spend more than: 0; think off-the-beaten path bistro, not the fanciest joint in town.

Goes great with: Flowers; think peonies, tulips, or gerbera daisies (), not roses.: You make her dinner, you set the table, you fix her a drink, you do the dishes, you massage her feet, you rinse, you repeat.

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There's nothing sexier than a boyfriend or girlfriend who can cook—except for a naked boyfriend or girlfriend who can cook.

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