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It first outlines the numbers and origins of African soldiers as well as the ways they were deployed in Europe.And it was likely eaten with a lot less hesitation than Eve did in her story.

If you choose to research the documented effects of pleasure/pain/drug mental conditioning as found in government experimentation, you'll wish it WAS the X-Files.

Hymnwriters Keith and Kristyn Getty, Ross Holmes, and Stuart Townend have written a hymn based on the premise of Psalm 133:1.

And, oh, what a sweet-smelling aroma it is to our Lord and to the world when our churches live life together well.

These vague figures and their differing interpretation have led scholars to contradictory conclusions about whether African troops were misused as “cannon fodder.” It would be too simplistic to base any judgment of the cannon fodder thesis on global figures of killed and wounded alone, for this neglects the temporal dimension of deployment.

West African troops used to be withdrawn from the front and transferred to camps in southern France during the winter months.

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