Dating girect

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Dating girect

Well I wasn't on a contract with Comcast so they didn't have to pay for that. Then on top of all that, the page they told me to go to kept saying I wasn't eligible for a rebate.

I sent a 2nd rebate mail to include early termination fee of 5; 5.

TV cable is gone from my house, and it will stay that way for my whole life. Is just a scam that they ran, i was promised 0 card for coming back, went thru whole process and at the end was told that i no longer qualify, no explanation given, i would no reffered direct tv to anyone. Direct promised 0 visa card if i switched to them. Have made many calls to them about getting the 0 and always get the runaround.

We have not received the 0.00 pre-paid Visa card. They are just hoping i get sick and tired of this chase and forget about them.

The customer service is a joke and this "rebate" is a SCAM! I was just about to sign up for Direct TV, but when I saw the experiences detailed here, I took a deep breath. It is a considered a breach of contract on their behalf and you have the right to terminate all services with out any cancelation fees. The 0 Visa gift card promotion was going on at the time, which was a nice added incentive to switch. I didn't even have to sign a contract with them (get to that later).

I filled out the form, printed copies of my first three bills and mailed it all in. My contract was up so I decided to try Xfinity/Comcast. 4/5 months later I started getting calls from DTV agents, one offer after another to convince me to switch back to DTV.

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I told him I would think about it and call back the next day. The guy never told me to fill out a form, of course I would've filled out a form, the rebate is the reason for every single minute of my very valuable time that I chose to inconvenience my own self and wait for a new installer to take their sweet ### time getting to my house to hook up cable wires that had only been UNhooked for 4/5 months.