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Instead, write about your hopes and dreams, about your idea of the perfect woman (be honest), and about the things you hate about being single and having to date.

You'll almost certainly find people who feel the same way.

What Not To Do In A Blog Whatever you do, don't write depressing or angry stuff.

No one wants to read about how miserable you are because you don't have a wife, or how much you hate your job and nothing else.

It's easy to discount blogs as simply tools for newshounds, people who like to gripe or sell things, or teenagers.

But blogs and their siblings webcasts are actually a great way to let potential dating and emailing partners know who you are.

The brand name of your refrigerator should be on the front door.

If you think about it, everyone has something fascinating about themselves that they can write about.

Be certain to do all the basic work, like posting a picture or at least some sort of image to set you apart, and writing your bio. You can make your blog a simple online diary, where you record your daily deeds, or you can write some of your politics, or collect weird news stories and post them online.

The only critical thing, if you're going to refer potential online dating site browsers to it, is that it must reflect who you really are.

If that's scary to you, or you really can't think of anything, write about the things you'd like to do.

Become a virtual tourist, and write about whitewater rafting with links out to pictures or tour companies. Share your passions so that your readers, and potential dates, can find out what you love.

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And it's having common ground that helps people begin talking online and dating offline.

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